KonlineHouse is  the place , where makes your online shopping in Korea possible with cheapest fee.


if you found your interesting merchandsie in korean websites, but, they only ship to within korea only and no method of international payment, We 'Konlinehouse.com' help to puchase for you.

Send the copy of  intersting merchandise's link to Konlinehouse.com, when you found some intersting goods in korean online shopping websites, or you can find your goods in our recommended sites by Konlinehouse.com easier and safer.

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We offer classified Korean online shopping mall links for overseas customer's


We,always inspect their real exsitence and reputa -tions,so, customers can enjoy their safe and easy online shopping in here with konlinehouse.com

Our aim is introducing korean products to the various customers over the world offering easy and simple way

to meet.

We continuously providing customers with happiness & unbeatable values through retail innovations based on the global cross shopping internet Network.

Cheapest Handling fee 

We"Konlinehouse"offer No service charge fee and paypal fee, other hidden fee.

ex) assume you want order US$100 priced item=> US$100+ US$14.50(H.F) + Shipping(fixed Korean post office)- That's all.





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  Shoes & Bags

  Music & Books



 service for customers.

 All in One here for  customers

Easy to order

We offer quotation request you can easy to order and get fastest quotation.

No hidden fee

We offer cheapest handling fee.




Customer, You can find your intersting items in any korean online shops, and ask us to buy for you and ship to your place.

We accept Paypal and No minimum, lowest Service fee in Korea





Shipping service.

Shop and Order your self and delivery to us, Our Team will combine all your package and ship it to you. It is the best way






All shops in aboved category is recommended as reliable shops that'all, you can also choose other shops for your interesting items and ask Konlinehouse to assit buying items through our checking shop system.


  What is Korean online Buying     service ?

Shopping Korea with us.

- Cheapest buying handling fee

- No minimum order

- Quick delvery with EMS

- Inspection service-perfect   goods

- New poly packing service

- Prompt Refund the all amount,   In case of sold out items.

- Open 24hours/7days

 That's why KonlineHouse,



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  What is your service fee for buying     service fee ?


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  I confirm on the quotation, you sent     what is delivery days?

  I have confimed on your quotation,     but, is there any additional charge     beside it ?

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  What is KRW(WON) and exchange     exchnage rates ?







 Let's make better  online shopping network without any border

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